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Me and my robot like to build the interweb.

I'm Michael Kinkaid. I currently work as the Head of Application Development at ecentricarts inc.

Apologies for the unfinished site.


Done / Did / Doing.

Under Construction

Working on this site!

This is work in progress. I couldn't stand to look at the old one anymore. Time to find a retro "under construction" gif.

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Kentico 6 Certification

I upgraded my Kentico certification to version 6. I'm also a certified trainer, in case anyone is interested in getting schooled :-).

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XCode tis soo much fun.

Learning iOS

Objective C, you weird beast. I am building an app. Me and every 6 year old apparently.

Pay your Tax

An eigth of the office, featuring myself.

Work is BUSY

They keep me busy at ecentricarts inc.. This year has seen fantastic growth at the company. Lots of pokers in the fire.

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Quick Bio.

I started professionally in Software Development with C++ back in 2004. Since then I've been a web developer, lead developer, senior developer, head of front end development and now head the application development group at ecentricarts inc.

I'm from Northern Ireland which just happens to be the greatest place on Earth. Not that I'm biased.

Wicked Skills.

No developer portfolio is complete without a list of tech skills. To prevent a soup of abbreviations (see the resume for that), here's what I am working with at present:

ASP.Net, C#, MS-SQL Server, SQLite, CoreData, Objective C, C, iOS, PhoneGap, a world of JavaScript, Continuous Integration...

More Than Code.

In my current job I work on the sales cycle, build RFP responses, lead teams of all sizes, architect solutions, consult with tech leads on theirs and, alongside other execs, work with the CTO on the technical strategy for the company.

I work with the other department heads on improving our process. My challenge of late has been focused on specifications. Functional, technical, wireframes etc. I am a big fan of Axure.